For the law firm Shipley Snell Montgomery in Houston, Texas, MaRS repurposed stacks of outmoded Texas law books found in shrinking law libraries to create a trademark reception desk.  A total of 495 books were used to create and support the front wall and transaction of the reception desk.  Some of the books dated as far back as 1904 and most recent were 1984.  The books were separated out and stacked by volume per each year together. The older books and beginning volumes started with a rhythmic play of the binding and labels used for the coding system.  As the desk turned the more recent volumes were turned with fore-edge facing out.  The fore-edge of the books were applied with varying shades of green tint rubbed on to the pages to create a visual pattern, a pattern that is more digital and structured.  The fading colors from saturated shades of greens to the plain white pages is to allude to the idea that books were once a necessity. This desk is a representation of a time past but knowledge not lost in a modern age.




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